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¿Qué estás minando actualmente? ¿Has probado Kaspa (KAS)?

What Are You Currently Mining, Have You Tried Kaspa (KAS) #Mining #Kaspa #KAS. Here is what we have for you today on Blog de TmZ.


What Are You Currently Mining Have You Tried Kaspa KAS

Kaspa (KAS) is a very interesting cripto project that has been mostly flying well under the radar, but it is starting to get the interest it deservers lately. KAS is a proof-of-work criptomoneda which implements the GHOSTDAG protocol – a protocol that does not orphan blocks created in parallel, but rather allows them to coexist and orders them in consensus. This generalization of Nakamoto consensus allows for secure operation while maintaining very high block rates (currently one block per second, aiming for 32/sec, with visions of 100/sec) and minuscule confirmation times dominated by internet latency.

Kaspa (KAS) being a PoW moneda can be mined and mining is based on kHeavyHash, a modified form of the “optical-miner” ready HeavyHash algorithm. kHeavyhash utilizes matrix multiplication that is framed into 2 keccacs. kHeavyHash is energy efficient, core dominant (requires higher GPU clock and not affected as much by memory) and can be successfully mined by GPU with FPGAs and future specialized mining equipment also possible in the future. The blockDAG architecture of Kaspa with rapid block rates allow more mining decentralization and enables effective solo-mining even at lower hashrates. KAS was launched in November of 2021 with no pre-mine, zero pre-sales, and no moneda allocations. The total supply of Kaspa is 28.7 Billion coins with an emission schedule that halves once per year via smooth monthly reductions by a factor of (1/2)^(1/12). The current block reward is 329.63 KAS and the circulating supply is almost half of the total supply with a total market cap of around 50 million USD.

Kaspa (KAS) can be mined on a number of mining pools with the largest one being lanudopooly, though you might want to check out some of the smaller ones in order to distribute hashrate such as ACC Pool y HashPool. It can be mined on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs with a number of popular miners supporting the kHeavyHash algorithm that the moneda uses such as LolMiner, GMiner, BZminer, SRBminer, Team Red Miner and KaspaMiner.

Our preferred GPU miners for Nvidia GPUs are LolMiner and GMiner, and you might want to make sure you are with more up do date Video drivers for maximum performance. Also, you might want to lower the memory clock and increase the GPU clock as this is a GPU intensive algorithm and higher clocks for the GPU and increased power limits will get you much more performance boost than overclocking the memory. This also means that the power usage of GPU mining rigs optimized for Kaspa mining will be higher than what you used for Ethash/ETChash mining, though you can remain at the same lower power levels with a bit reduced hashrate of course.

Unas cuantas cripto exchanges are already supporting KAS trading, these include TxBit, ExBitron, MexC and TradeOgre. There has been a spike of interest and a bit of a price hike in the last few days, so mining profitability is also up with Kaspa getting in the list of the most profitable coins to be mined at the moment.

For more details you can visit the official Kaspa (KAS) project website…

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