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Las 10 mejores alternativas de Bitcoin para invertir, gastar y más

Top 10 Bitcoin Alternatives for Investing, Spending & More #Top #Bitcoin #Alternatives #Investing #Spending. Here is what we have for you today on Blog de TmZ.

Bitcoin is without question the breakout star in the mundo of criptomoneda, with widespread, mainstream name recognition even to people who don’t follow the digital assets space. Its high profile makes sense, considering its status as one of the true O.G. cryptocurrencies, and it’s by far the most valuable cripto by market cap. But there are many, many Bitcoin alternatives on the market (also known as altcoins). Thousands in fact. With more being introduced all the time. Here are 10 of the top cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Por qué debería poseer (o al menos prestar atención a) criptos además de Bitcoin

We’re not saying there’s anything bad about holding Bitcoin. But you could be missing out on a lot of what the cripto y blockchain mundo has to offer by exclusively focusing on a single moneda. Some reasons to consider broadening your cripto horizons include:


Not putting all your eggs in one basket is time-honored investment advice for a reason, and it applies to crypto investing just the same. If 100% of your assets are in a single instrument, your patrimonio neto rises and falls exclusively by its fortunes. A diversified portfolio is better able to weather market ups and downs because its assets are spread among an assortment of investments. Check out the latest rates on top cryptocurrencies.

Accesos a otros casos de uso de criptografía

There’s a big, wide mundo of crypto projects out there, and many aren’t compatible with the Bitcoin blockchain. Most decentralized financiar (DeFi) activity, including its ecosystem of decentralized apps (dApps), are built on Ethereum. A large proportion of the emerging Web3 ecosystem, which includes things like nonfungible tokens (NFTs), also takes place exclusively on ERC-20-compatible blockchains like Ethereum.

Bitcoin has plenty of ardent fans, but some coins have communities that are on a whole other level, with tens or even hundreds of thousands of ferociously loyal participants. Some are drawn to the tongue-in-cheek nature and viral popularity of so-called “meme coins” like DOGE and Shiba Inu. Others get involved in a project they believe is building something with potential to disrupt the status quo or improve on legacy systems or processes.

Opciones de gasto más flexibles

Although it may be the criptomoneda most commonly used for transactions, some merchants may choose to accept certain coins over others. Retailers have steadily grown to accept a number of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, with some preferring to transact la administración de empresas. in alternatives like Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Dogecoin (DOGE).

Las 10 mejores alternativas de Bitcoin

Hay miles de criptomonedas en la actualidad, por lo que reducir la lista a solo las 10 principales criptomonedas no fue poca cosa.

Ether (ETH)Tether (USDT)Dogecoin (DOGE)Litecoin (LTC)Polygon (MATIC)Solana (SOL)Cardano (ADA)Shiba Inu Moneda (SHIB)USD Moneda (USDC)ApeCoin (APE)

Éter (ETH)

Ether (ETH) is the native criptomoneda of the Ethereum blockchain. It has the second-highest value by market cap of any cryptocurrency, and its blockchain is home to the majority of DeFi and Web3 activity. It was conceived in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin as an alternative to Bitcoin. Learn about Ethereum’s transition to proof of stake (aka The Merge).

Tether (USDT)

AtarUSDT) is widely considered the first stablecoin ever launched. Like all stablecoins, Tether’s value is “pegged” to the U.S. dollar, which it maintains through a reserve of assets held in U.S.-controlled bank accounts. Tether’s price stability makes it a popular hedge against crypto market volatility. As of November 2022 it was the third most-valuable crypto by market cap. Read BitPay’s guide to stablecoins.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

One of the original “meme coins”, DOGE started out sort of as a joke when it launched in December 2013. Since then, DOGE has spawned a robust and enthusiastic community of supporters, known as the DOGE Army, which remains active to this day. Dogecoin is often used to tip content creators, but a number of merchants now also accept DOGE payment.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC) launched in 2011 as a “lighter” version of Bitcoin, enabling faster and cheaper transactions. At the time of launch, it commonly billed itself as “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”. It’s highly liquid, and accepted at a wide variety of merchants.

Polígono (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC), formerly called Matic Network, was developed as a way to address slowdowns on the Ethereum network traffic in light of DeFi’s growing popularity. The Layer 2 scaling solution allows for cheaper and faster transactions on Ethereum, which it achieves using multiple sidechains. Its relation to Ethereum has been compared to how the Lightning Network speeds up transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Read more about how Polygon works here.

Izquierda izquierda)

Solana es una plataforma pública de cadena de bloques que aloja aplicaciones descentralizadas y escalables. Al igual que Ether, el token criptográfico nativo de Solana, también llamado Solana, se usa para transacciones en la red y para una serie de aplicaciones DeFi y Web3, como staking y acuñación de NFT. El diseño de su red le permite ofrecer transacciones más rápidas y económicas que las redes rivales como Ethereum.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a decentralized app development platform. Its native cryptocurrency, ADA, is used for the network’s proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and to reward staking pool participants. Its blockchain allows for the creation of smart contracts as well as the minting of NFTs.

Moneda Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) is another “meme-coin”, which, like rival Dogecoin, is based on the Shiba Inu dog breed. Although the project launched with tongue firmly in cheek in August 2020, it’s begotten a large community of devotees, known as the SHIBArmy. Despite its semi-serious beginnings, thousands of major businesses now accept SHIB as payment. As a testament of the community’s commitment to SHIB, Shiba Inu Coin was the winner of this year’s BitPay Brackets tournament.

Moneda de USD (USDC)

El proyecto conjunto del intercambio de criptomonedas Coinbase y la compañía financiera global Circle, USD Coin (USDC) es una representación tokenizada de dólares estadounidenses en la cadena de bloques Ethereum. Es una moneda estable, lo que significa que su valor sigue el rastro del dólar. Dado que es compatible con ERC-20, se usa comúnmente en varias aplicaciones DeFi.

ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin (APE) is an Ethereum-based utility and governance token affiliated with the highly successful NFT project called Bored Ape Yacht Club. It’s primarily used within the APE ecosystem for things like voting on decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance proposals, but it also grants holders access to certain members-only perks like games or invitations to events. Read our breakdown of ApeCoin (APE) here.

Compre y almacene las principales criptomonedas de forma segura en BitPay Wallet

Compre criptomonedas sin tarifas ocultas

La criptomoneda es una galaxia tan vasta de proyectos y monedas que sentimos que reducirla al top 10 no le hizo ningún favor a otras criptomonedas que merecen cierto reconocimiento. Entonces, como beneficio adicional, aquí hay otro puñado de criptomonedas que debe conocer.

Pax Dollar (USDP)Gemini Dollar (GUSD)Binance USD (BUSD)Dai (DAI)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC)XRP (XRP)

Dólar Pax (USDP)

Pax Dollar (USDP) es una moneda estable respaldada por dólares estadounidenses emitida en la cadena de bloques Ethereum.

Dólar Géminis (GUSD)

Gemini Dollar (GUSD) es una moneda estable respaldada por dólares emitida por Gemini Trust Company LLC, empresa matriz del criptointercambio Gemini.

USD de Binance (BUSD)

Emitido por Binance y Paxos, Binance USD (BUSD) es una moneda estable respaldada 1:1 con dólares estadounidenses en reserva.

Dai (DAI)

Dai (DAI) es una moneda estable ERC-20 que intenta mantener su valor constantemente igual al dólar estadounidense.

Efectivo Bitcoin (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) es una criptomoneda que resultó de la "bifurcación dura" de la cadena de bloques de Bitcoin 2017.

Bitcoin envuelto (wBTC)

Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) es un token ERC-20 que representa a Bitcoin en la cadena de bloques de Ethereum y está respaldado 1:1 por Bitcoin.


El token nativo de Ripple Labs, XRP, está diseñado para pagos internacionales y el intercambio global de valor.

¿Qué cripto será el próximo Bitcoin?

Ah, la pregunta del millón (¿mil millones? ¿Zillón??) de dólares: ¿Qué criptomoneda será el próximo Bitcoin? Es algo que todos los comerciantes de criptomonedas se han preguntado en algún momento, pero desafortunadamente es imposible decirlo. Sin embargo, las principales monedas enumeradas anteriormente han demostrado ser las alternativas de Bitcoin más populares.

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