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5 Altcoin GEMS at 90% Discount

5 Altcoin GEMS at 90% Discount #Altcoin #GEMS #Discount. Here is what we have for you today on Blog de TmZ.

5 altcoin gems
Bear markets make you rich. Bull markets tell you just how much. So, some of the best projects in cripto are down 90% and we know the bear market is really bad. But, that’s also where that HUGE opportunity lies.

The big question that we face right now is which cryptos will survive this massacre and bounce back in the next bull run. After a lot of research and work, I finally decided what to buy. Stay tuned and I’ll show you my 90% down altcoin gems.

Moneda 1: MATIC

Our theme today is Bear Market Gems and coins that have lost 90% of their value from bull market highs. Surprisingly, or maybe you aren’t so surprised, we had A LOT of projects to choose from. So our first moneda hoy es MATIC. Here are some stats about this token:

All-time high: $2.92 in December 2021

Bear Market Low: 34.6c in June 2022

Current Price: 88c

Down: 88% at low, currently down ~60% from the all-time high.

🚨 Attention web3 developers 🚨

Desarrollando en @ 0xPolygon and looking for testnet MATIC?

Check out Coinbase Wallet’s built in Polygon Mumbai testnet faucet for free testnet MATIC!

No signup or personal info required – securely get testnet fondos right into your wallet 🫡

- Monedero Coinbase (@CoinbaseWallet) 16 de noviembre.

I don’t think you need me to rehash all the great reasons we love Polygon. But just in the last week or two, Polygon has:

They are fast becoming one of the go-to blockchains for Web2 and legacy companies to get their first partner in cripto. Almost everyone at Altcoin Buzz, myself included, is super bullish on MATIC.

What if your wallet can help you earn? 🤔

Introducing Quest, a P2E gamification feature added to the #Polígono Wallet Suite that rewards you for achieving certain goals.

If you are new to Polygon, then Quest is a great way to start.

Aprende más:

— Polígono – MATIC 💜 (@0xPolygon) 15 de noviembre.

Moneda 2: Solana

El siguiente es SOL, the native token of Solana’s blockchain. You see how ugly that chart looks and it could get uglier. We have a BIG WARNING for you on this one. There’s an excellent chance that Solana could drop even further from here.

Solana cuenta con un ecosistema de constructores activo y robusto. La red es fuerte. @solanaconf demostrado que la energía y el compromiso y la gama de proyectos es más fuerte que nunca. Eso no ha cambiado en las últimas 48 horas.

La visión sigue siendo la misma. Un hilo 🧵

- Solana (@solana) 10 de noviembre.

So, you should understand that and either wait to buy it or buy understanding it will likely drop before it starts rising again. Why? 2 events:

All this FTX-Binance stuff. If the deal goes down or Alameda Research has to help bail out FTX (its sister company) then they will be a big seller of SOL. Alameda was an early investor and it’s one of SBF’s favorite projects. But he has some other things to worry about at the moment. Excellent chance they become sellers short term.
There’s a HUGE staking unlock happening. By the time we film this, This epoch with 18.2 million SOL will become available to restake, take back, or sell. And you can bet some will be selling to just take their losses and move elsewhere. Now to the details:

All-time high: $259.96 November 2021

Bear Market Low & Current Price: $14.19

Down: 95% from an all-time high

Shoutout to the devs who worked on recent network upgrades, @Solana‘s performance was strong yesterday despite the spike in on-chain activity.

@JupiterExchange passed $300m in 24-hour trading vol.
@MagicEden‘s 260k SOL of NFT volume
@solendprotocolo w/ a 160k transaction burst

— Matty Taylor (@mattytay) 10 de noviembre.

Again, you need to have the long term in mind if you are buying now. OR do you need to wait for all the dust to settle on this FTX la administración de empresas. and look to buy from there? Are you bullish on Solana and this FTX/Alameda mess? Or do you think Alameda will have to sell their SOL? Let us know in the comments below.

Coin 3: Kava

Next is one of our gems, Kava. Helping to bring EVM and Cosmos interoperability together. Here’s something new and interesting from them. Kava’s 3Pool on Curve of DAI/USDC/USDT now pays an impressive 14.2% APY for holding 3 stablecoins.

Kava Boost supercharges your $ KAVA recompensas

Through Kava’s new liquid staking feature, users can supply liquid-staked $ KAVA (bKAVA) to the Boost module for extra rewards.

Más información:

— Red Kava (@kava_platform) 17 de noviembre.

Kava Rise is becoming a great developer incentive plan to get more apps in the ecosystem too. So let’s look at the numbers:

All-time high: $9.12 in August 2021

Bear Market Low and Current Price: $0.95

Down: 90% from an all-time high.

ICYMI: Trading $ KAVA on #BinanceUS ¡es en vivo!

— Red Kava (@kava_platform) 16 de noviembre.

We like Kava for lots of reasons and see this as a great long-term buying opportunity. Like all the 90% downs we have, a 9x gets them back to previous bull market highs. Definitely doable.

Coin 4: Lukso

Our 4th coin is another gem, Lukso. Hemos reportaron on them a few times and included them in our model 50x Portfolio too.

MyLuksoWallet is a fun and interactive vault and token management system built on the Lukso Network. Get inspired by our Pet Owner example, build your own theme, and share it with others today!

Try now for free: #BuildUP1

— MyLuksoWallet (@myluksowallet) 31 de agosto de 2022

One cool thing that Lukso is working on, among many, is Universal Profiles to help make all Web3 easier to use. And now, the numbers:

All-time high: $41.18 in November 2021. Right at the start of the bear market

Bear Market Low: $3.37 June 2022

Precio actual: $ 5.72

Down: ~90% from the all-time high at the current price & 95% to bear market low.

We are excited to announce our biggest feature launch since the beginning of the beta testing phase.🔥

We proudly present the open #LUKSO NFT marketplace!

Now live on the L16 testnet. Go to para probarlo usted mismo.

— Universal Page (@_universalpage) 13 de Septiembre de 2022

Buying after a 90% drop is scary sometimes isn’t it? What’s your favorite project that’s trading at a discount now? Comment with your favorite

Coin 5: Arweave

Our last coin of the day is Arweave. They are all about decentralized file storage. Like Polygon, they have some una gran noticia with Meta too. The NFTs from Polygon that is part of the new Instagram partnership will use Arweave for storage.

Banks starting to settle payments via @everVisionHQ on Arweave 👀

Felicidades, @everVisionHQ ¡equipo!

— 🐘🔗 (@samecwilliams) 16 de noviembre.

So, Insta’s integrations will include both Polygon & Arweave. Both should see increased adoption from this partnership. And now, the numbers:

All-time high: $89.24 November 2021. Funny how we keep seeing that date pop up right?

Bear Market Low:$7.98

Precio actual: $ 9.91

Down: 94% to bear market low. ~90% to current price.

“Just as the first web connected people over vast distances, the permaweb connects people over vast periods of time”

Archive Forever is a great example of how we can use @BundlrNetwork y #tejido to extend collective human consciousness in a censorship resistant way 🧠

— Bundlr | we’re hiring! (@BundlrNetwork) 14 de noviembre.

For Arweave, an 8x gets them back to where they were a year ago. That’s a sign of the size of these discounts available. And making a 50x is easier for all these projects starting from $10 instead of $90.

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